'Unafraid And Unashamed', The Trump Painting by Artist Julian Raven

On July 9th, 2015, Artist Julian Raven was inspired to paint the 81x175" Trump painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed'.  Was this inspiration on the level of other paintings or was this to be something life changing?  One month later, the back to back experiences that happened to confirm that Raven was to paint 'Unafraid And Unashamed' shook the artist's world.  

What happened was so dramatic, that those powerful confirmations, the present nature of the journey the artist Julian Raven and the Trump painting are on, can only testify to its uniqueness, purpose and prophetic power.  There are no other significant works of art related to Donald Trump that are either positive or that were created at the very beginning of Donald Trump's presidential candidacy.  'Unafraid And Unashamed' captures the moment, points to the future and then has been riding the wave of this historic campaign all the way to the White House.  'Unafraid And Unashamed' embodies the Trump story like no other work of art thus far created.

'Unafraid And Unashamed' is a prophetic, patriotic, spiritual and highly symbolic painting.  It is layered in meaning adding to its potency which transcends the fact that it is simply a great image.  Many who dislike Donald Trump are drawn to the image and confess to wanting their own copy!  It is a painting that reaches beyond the physical and human levels to the eternal spiritual realities as the source of genuine, lasting hope.  

Donald Trump is, in Raven's mind, God's man for the hour!  The nature of Trump's historic world changing candidacy for President of the United States of America leads one to ask the big questions about him. The political-gravity defying, meteoric rise and sustained flight of the Trump Train must have its energy from sources beyond human strength. Trump has continually defied and confounded the odds, predictions, opinions, and doubts of countless long time professional political and media experts. They have been proven wrong over and over since the beginning of the rise of Donald Trump.  Even Trump's own mistakes which have caused others to predict his implosion turn out to be mere bumps on the highway to the White House. Destiny is unfolding before our eyes and 'Unafraid And Unashamed' tells that very story!

'Unafraid And Unashamed' is a testament to the fact that the inspirational experiences Julian Raven had that led him to paint the painting must have come from a source beyond the mind of the artist.  Time is proving the prophetic nature of this painting, since it depicts Donald Trump as President of the United States. 

November 2016 will be the ultimate proof that the Trump Painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed' is actually God's very own ballot! 

The 7x15 foot Trump Painting, By Artist, Grassroots Trump Campaigner & Alternate New York Delegate Julian Raven 

Painting by Julian Raven of Donald Trump, Unafraid And Unashamed

Politicon, The Movie about the Anti-Trump Art Show which was dominated by 'Unafraid And Unashamed' the Trump Painting.

The Trump Painting was prominently presented neutralizing the cynical and negative anti-Trump art.

An Iconic ending to the IOWA 'Unafraid And Unashamed' Tour.

Sharing my 'Trump' journey as an artist, minister of the gospel, grassroots campaigner and new born citizen is truly a great honor. The Trump Painting on show in Windsor Heights, Iowa.

The Trump Painting, Unafraid And Unashamed

Denison, Iowa February 1st, 2016

They were blown away when they saw the 'Trump Truck' outside which featured the Trump Painting, 'Unafraid And Unashamed'.

The Trump Painting, 'Unafraid And Unashamed' By Julian Raven

All Rights Reserved. 'Unafraid And Unashamed' The Trump Painting Copyright of Artist Julian Raven.

See you in Cleveland 2016 GOP Convention.

The 8x16' Prophetic, Patriotic, Historic, Symbolic and Faith Filled Painting of America's Next President, Donald J. Trump. 

The Trump Painting was recently featured in Trump Executive Lynne Patton's viral video.  Lynne's eloquent, touching and highly artistic video made this a historic Trump testimony.  It was my privilege to have been included in her story!

It was an honor to meet Eric and Lara Trump and organize their 'meet 'n' greet' at Cronk's Diner in Denison, Iowa. The 'Unafraid And Unashamed' tour 2015 with The Trump Painting.

This interview by Matthew Walther from the Washington Free Beacon, gives solid in depth coverage of the story.

The Trump Painting was more interesting to foreign journalists that with US journalists in general!

The front of my art studio on Clemen's Center Parkway in Elmira, New York.  My 12x25 foot Trump Painting banner in on duty 24/7! The gorgeous car is not mine!  

"Memories of Iowa" is the recap of the 5700 mile grassroots campaign by Julian Raven.

'Unafraid And Unashamed' Will be on show at the 'Art Of Politics' Art Show at Politicon 2016 in LA. The Trump painting is an inspired, prophetic, highly symbolic, patriotic, spiritual and visionary work of fine art.

The Trump Painting detail by Artist Julian Raven

 Julian Raven 

'Unafraid And Unafraid' was it just coincidence?