'Unafraid And Unashamed' Will be on show at the 'Art Of Politics' Art Show at Politicon 2016 in LA. The Trump painting is an inspired, prophetic, highly symbolic, patriotic, spiritual and visionary work of fine art.

Presidential Candidates

running at the time when

'Unafraid And Unashamed'

Was painted back in 2015.

The Trump Painting was recently featured in Trump Executive Lynne Patton's viral video.  Lynne's eloquent, touching and highly artistic video made this a historic Trump testimony.  It was my privilege to have been included in her story!

'Unafraid And Unafraid' , The Trump Painting

The front of Raven's art studio on Clemen's Center Parkway in Elmira, New York.  This 12x25 foot Trump Painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed' banner in on duty 24/7!  

Painting by Julian Raven of Donald Trump, Unafraid And Unashamed

In studio on September 28th, 2015, Artist Julian Raven with the Trump painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed.'

Politicon, The Movie about the Anti-Trump Art Show which was dominated by 'Unafraid And Unashamed' the Trump Painting.

The Trump Painting was prominently presented neutralizing the cynical and negative anti-Trump art.

The Trump Painting, 'Unafraid And Unashamed' By Artist Julian Raven.

An Iconic ending to the IOWA 'Unafraid And Unashamed' Tour.

Sharing the 'Trump' journey as an artist, minister of the gospel, grassroots campaigner and New Born citizen. 'Unafraid And Unashamed' on show in Windsor Heights, Iowa.

An interesting parallel with Ronald Reagan.

The Trump Painting, Unafraid And Unashamed

Artist Julian Raven signing  the Trump Painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed' September 28th, 2015.

All Rights Reserved. 'Unafraid And Unashamed' The Trump Painting Copyright of Artist Julian Raven.

See you in Cleveland 2016 GOP Convention.

It began on July 9th, 2015.  I was looking intently at a photo of Donald Trump and listening to him speak, I hear the words 'Unafraid And Unashamed' ticker tape through my mind as the image of a bald eagle swooped down to snatch a falling American flag. I was busy working other projects in my studio.  But the image did not leave my mind.  It began to grow within, increasing in pressure as time passed, 'paint the trump painting...'

On August 20th, I finally sat down at my computer to work on the image that was seared into my mind.  I worked on creating an eagle that was both snatching and screaming.  My 13 year old daughter Victoria, asks me what I was doing working on an eagle, since I had told no one what I was thinking. Victoria thought I was going to build a sculpture of the eagle.  I told her I was working on a painting without telling any details.  Victoria left the room and did an about face and said out of the blue, 'Dad why don't you paint a painting of the Eagle and give it to Donald Trump so when he becomes President he can hang it in the White House.'  I was stunned by the utterance. I sat there staring at her innocent and beautiful face, I was amazed!  She shrugged her shoulders and left the room!

The very next morning, August the 21st, I went to CNN online to see what Mr. Trump was saying.  There was a video segment about a Time Magazine photoshoot.  I pressed play as it was about a 'visitor' Trump had that morning at Trump Tower.

I pressed play on the video link, curious who this visitor was and there on the screen in front of me was Donald Trump standing in his office with a Bald Eagle perched on his arm. I was stunned!  I stared at the screen in disbelief.  The lighting in the photo is very strong and it looked super imposed.  I actually thought it was a hoax, a photoshop of Trump with an eagle.  That somehow someone knew what I was thinking as was fooling with me....I continued to stare at the screen!  I felt like I had been hit by a car, the jolt was so powerful, it really messed with my perception, I could not believe my eyes! WOW! 

Think about it for a moment, for nearly six weeks I had been thinking about an image of Donald Trump's face, a Bald Eagle and a flag as I daily tried to compose a painting on the screen of my mind.  This could have just been a good idea I had, painting a painting of Trump could be a smart move as an artist, it could be a 'big deal' for my career...But I was very busy working on other projects, steel sculpture in particular which was very exciting, more so than what was going on inside my head. But the image replayed itself daily in my mind.

 The internal pressure had eventually increased to the point where I had to sit down and start actually working on the elements in the painting in the physical sense.  So finally I am at my computer working on the Eagle, creating a snatching & screaming Eagle.  This is the first day I sit down to work, the only day.  My daughter Victoria engages me about the Eagle and then says what she said out of left field that very night.  And then the very next morning I see the video of Donald Trump in his office with the Bald Eagle perched on his arm, then sitting on his desk. Amazing! I nearly fell off my chair! WOW!

There were 23 candidates running at that time running on both sides, Republican and Democrat.  Why was it that only Trump decided to take a picture with a Bald Eagle that morning?  None of the other candidates took pictures with an Eagle, as if this was some ritual that presidential candidates do when running for office.  Even for Trump it was unusual.  How many photos exist of Trump with an Eagle sitting on his arm? If he was a collector of Eagles it would not be that odd, but on that day August 20th, 2015 Donald Trump alone does a photo shoot with a Bald Eagle.

People interpret unusual events differently as we seek to discover God's plan for our lives and for our tomorrows. There are ideas we can have within, that when they are confirmed on different levels from the outside without anyone knowing what is going on inside, it indicates an intervention from a source greater than self since it is now out of our control.  Could this all have been coincidence or is the Hand of Destiny really in control?  Remember this was last year, 2015 when Trump was up against 16 other republican candidates! 

What does this all mean?  What was Trump trying to say? Does this series of 'events' tell a story that is speaking of future events?  Remember at that time Donald Trump was not being taken seriously.  At that time and until this day Trump's candidacy has been mocked, ridiculed and 'expertly' explained as continually imploding by all manner of political professionals, commentators, experts in the media, talking heads on TV and radio pundits! 

Trump has defied political gravity, Trump won the Republican nomination and defeated 16 other professional and formidable political opponents and this he did as an outsider, businessman and political novice never having been elected!  Trump's candidacy has been nothing but meteoric, historic and prophetic.  This story of the inspiration and creation of the Trump painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed' speaks to that very fact and is a physical 'sign' that captures this historic presidential race like nothing else by painting a picture of the future.

On this date August the 26th, 2016 the painting which was completed last year in September 2015 so far has painted a remarkable picture of what we are seeing taking place right now.  The contents of the painting, the symbols contained all point to Donald Trump as the next President of the United States of America! We will know in under 3 months whether this is so.

Please enjoy the rest of the story and how the inspiration of this painting opened up a door to a grassroots political campaign that has taken the artist, New Born citizen and Alternate Delegate, Julian Raven from coast to coast. 

From the snowy wilderness of the Iowa Caucuses to the pinnacle of political art shows in LA at Politicon 2016, this painting has been seen.  The Trump painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed' was seen at the 'Art Of Politics' Art Show along with works by Obama artist Shepherd Fairey who painted the 'Hope And Change' painting to conservative street artist SABO.   The painting even traveled to Trump Tower in New York City where a copy proudly hangs in the Trump Campaign Headquarters.  

Having been elected as an Alternate Delegate from New York, Julian Raven attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, 2016.  As part of the New York delegation a copy of the Trump Painting was on display at the Cleveland Renaissance Hotel.  Julian Raven also proudly displayed the painting in the Public Square in the center of the protests at the convention.  By the third day of the convention the painting appeared on screen in the RNC during the featured video by Trump executive Lynne Patton, 'The Trump Family I know'. 

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The Trump Painting detail by Artist Julian Raven

"Memories of Iowa" is the recap of the 5700 mile grassroots campaign by Julian Raven.

This interview by Matthew Walther from the Washington Free Beacon, gives solid in depth coverage of the story.

The Trump Painting 'Unafraid And Unashamed' was more interesting to foreign journalists that with US journalists in general!

 Julian Raven 

Meeting Eric and Lara Trump and organized their 'meet 'n' greet' at Cronk's Diner in Denison, Iowa. The 'Unafraid And Unashamed' tour 2015 with The Trump Painting.